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We are now applying our precision engineering technologies to the challenges of stereotactic neurosurgery

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Please note that not all Renishaw products, their fields of application, relative accessories or combination thereof, are available in all countries.

For a list and/or information on which product is approved/registered in which country, and for which specific application, please contact your local Renishaw representative.

Advanced engineering solutions for stereotactic neurosurgery

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Renishaw is applying precision engineering technology to the challenges of functional neurosurgery. Our aim is to help leading clinicians to enhance the safety and cost-effectiveness of their procedures, improving patient outcomes through accurate delivery of implantable devices1-13.

Our initial range of products are designed to enable surgeons to deliver devices with greater confidence and accuracy relative to targeted brain anatomy. We are also working with a number of medical technology and biotech companies on the development and optimisation of next-generation drug delivery systems for the treatment of serious central nervous system diseases.


neuroinspire™ surgical planning software


neuromate® stereotactic robot


neuroguide™ implantable guide tube system

 neuroinspire - monitor tumble  neuromate stereotactic robot  neuroguide kit

DIXI medical




Case stories

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Meeting tomorrow's demands today

neuromate stereotactic robot

Our solutions are also aligned with current and emerging therapy technologies such as DBS and intraparenchymal delivery of next-generation therapeutics. Precision-guided neurosurgery helps clinicians to meet the twin challenges of developing life-enhancing therapies that are both safe and efficient.

These therapies are driving the requirement for ever greater accuracy and reproducibility. Employing such delivery technologies will help your service to release capacity to expand the number of treatments within existing resources, whilst enhancing rather than compromising safety.

Case stories

See our case stories page for further information.